Change yourself before you change the world

It’s all over the news, but in case you didn’t know, heavy rainstorms, record monsoons, massive floods, wildfires, triple digit heat waves and brutal hurricanes surging around the Atlantic are frequently occurring while sea levels continue to rise. If this is all not evidence of global warming, then we really don’t know what is. As […]

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Believe it. Live it! Thoughts on leadership by Yasmin Elisabeth Hussain

Assistant Vice President of Corporate Communications & CSR, Yasmin Elisabeth Hussain, discusses some of the leadership topics that are currently on the top of her mind and shares some of her favourite resources about them. Signature leadership presence When you walk into a room, how do you want people to feel? When you meet your […]

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Yousif Taha acquires excellence!

Assistant Marketing Manager, Yousif Taha, has done an excellent job in successfully acquiring a key agency, in addition to two other significant beverage brands, the end of last year. These acquisitions took place at a very critical time and Yousif managed to secure these regardless, even when facing fierce competition. This resulted in outstanding financial […]

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The EPIC participants with Rosemary & Liz

Another EPIC edition returns!

The second edition of BMMI’s talent development initiative kicked off with Module 1 earlier this month. The EPIC programme focuses on the ever so important aspects we all seek in our leaders: experience, people, innovation and culture! This year’s development initiative includes thirteen carefully selected employees who have displayed high potential, and will in the […]

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