Winning Hearts

Winning Hearts

A personal message from our President and CEO - Gordon Boyle

In 2003, BMMI introduced a new vision, mission and, most importantly, a new set of values that truly reflect the beliefs, characteristics and principles most important to us as individuals, teams and a business.

Since then, our Group has been through many changes, including expanding our operations within Bahrain and overseas, introducing new brands, exploring exciting ventures, incorporating the latest technologies and marking our 130 years anniversary in 2013.

Throughout our journey, BMMI, operating in 12 countries across three continents, has always remained united by our core, shared values of Honesty, Excellence, Achievement, Recognition and Team Spirit.

Our values have allowed us to focus on the culture and work environment that truly represent the essence of BMMI. With over 2,000 employees across the Group coming from a diverse range of backgrounds, working in varying departments and operating from across the globe, at the end of the day we are all brought together by our corporate culture. Our culture is also what sets us apart from our competitors.

Still, in some instances, we’ve allowed our culture to slip away. This is why, 11 years later, we thought it would be essential to look back to what we truly stand for and refresh and re-launch our Winning Hearts program. This document serves to reinforce our values and how we can better live them.

As we continue in our steadfast journey from good to great, it is important to emphasise that Winning Hearts is one of the key, crucial components of our strategy. It is also important to remember what Winning Hearts is truly about: YOU. Our people are the core of our culture and every one of you has contributed to how far BMMI has come.

With Winning Hearts, we strive to create a work environment where you are motivated to succeed, excel, perform and truly enjoy your work. We want you to be empowered to speak up, to suggest improvements and to contribute to not only the Winning Hearts program, but to our workplace and how you would like to see it. Winning Hearts makes BMMI a place where people treat each other fairly, recognise one another’s achievements, motivate themselves and others to excel, and collaborate together to make BMMI an employer of choice.

I am truly proud of how far we’ve come and of how many of us have embraced our Winning Hearts culture and live it day by day. But at BMMI, we never settle, we always strive to be the best, to move from good to great. More of the same won’t take us there. That is why we hope that this re-launch will help us remember what we are truly about and how we can all really live Winning Hearts every single day, as one team, with one heart. Remember, we are all responsible for our culture and anyone of us can recognise a member of the team that is a living example of our Winning Hearts values, and I encourage you to always do so.

Finally, I want to thank you for being a team we can all be proud of and for all the achievements we have realised. I look forward to seeing our Winning Hearts culture thrive even more and for BMMI to continue to be the place where you truly feel recognised and motivated to be the best you.

Gordon BoyleCEO
President & CEO