New Year, new you!

New Year, new you!

It’s a New Year…and you know what that means? A “new” you! Or at least an attempt to kick the “old” you in the butt and turn over a new leaf for 2015!

Whether it’s being healthy, becoming fit, quitting a bad habit, or planning a trip to an exotic location, January is an exciting time to lead the way to a new future.

Many of us vow that this will be ‘the year’ for change…however, how many of us will succeed in sticking to our resolutions for the next 12 months? I’m afraid to say, not many!

Your New Year’s resolution, however simple it is, comes with sticky territory. It isn’t a time to make character changes, ‘cause let’s face it…that takes a whole lot of shock therapy…but, rather it’s a time to recognise that lifestyle change is important and you must work towards it, one step at a time.

That brings us onto the next point. Make your resolutions realistic! There’s no point aiming to lose 20kg in one month! Give yourself a convincing timeline, as well as an end goal!

The Communications team is here to offer some helpful advice to make sure you stick to your promise and not fall off the wagon only months in. Take a look below and you’ll be on your way to a “new” you!

Set a target and start small. A clear timeline can help you achieve your results by breaking down your goal. Make your resolution really specific. You want to quit smoking? Then promise yourself that in 2 months you would have cut down by 50% of the intake you’re used to! Nothing is instant. You can’t expect results overnight, so set mini and achievable goals and be patient. Make sure it’s something you can keep up.

Involve people other than yourself. This can work in two ways. You can either ask for help from those around you or even involve them in the resolution. You want to get fit so you can run around with your kids, or join your friend’s friendly football matches on the weekend. You’re less likely to break this resolution if you know it might hinder the people you care about.

Use visual reminders. Whether it be motivational posters stuck around your office space, or an inspiration message on your phone, you will constantly be reminded of what to do, or not to do!

Think of the end result. How will your resolution benefit you? Focus your mind on this. You will be able to fit into the dress of your dreams, you will be healthier, or even richer! Think how good you’ll feel at the end of it all! Don’t beat yourself up if you have minor missteps, it’s normal and ok. Don’t give up! Everybody has his or her ups and downs.

Enjoy your resolution. By involving your friends, joining new classes, meeting new people and having a regular date in your diary, you’ll stay focused and motivated.

Most importantly, reward yourself. Recognise how well you’re doing and the incentive will make the experience an enjoyable one.

It’s never too late to make a resolution, but if you’re having difficulty coming up with something, take a look at this questionnaire that helps you decide what needs to be changed.

What is a bad habit you’re going to break?
What is a destination you’d like to visit?
What are you going to work harder at?
What is a project you’d like to finish?
What is a class you’d like to take?
What would you like to spend more time doing?
What is a food you want to eat more of?
What do you want to wear more of?

Now it’s up to you! Really take time to prepare and plan your resolution. You may think that making a resolution is pointless, but if it’s done the right way, it can be very beneficial to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle!

Good luck to you and keep up the good work!

Side panel:

2015 celebrity New Year resolutions:

Facebook’s COO, technology executive, activist, and author, Sheryl Sandberg said: “I am going back to the resolution I have failed to keep for the past several years -- to meditate for ten minutes every day. (Okay, maybe five minutes a day five days a week.) This time, I am doing it with the support of my childhood girlfriends, who are now my Lean In Circle. They have made New Year's resolutions too, and we plan to use our monthly check-ins to share with one another how we are doing.”

President Obama even made a promise to “cooperate more and use executive actions less.”

Arianna Huffington: The media impresario told Business Insider her plans for 2015. “My resolution is to read more for pleasure,” she said. “I read so much each day, but that reading is almost always a means to an end -- work that must be done, emails and texts that must be replied to, books and articles that might inform my next blog post, and so on.”

Wrestler Hulk Hogan tweeted, "Only people with love and joy will be in my life, I refuse to engage with confrontational or negative people, brother."

Businessman and TV personality Donald Trump told New York Post he wants "to work hard and keep producing — maybe even like never before."