Ammar awarding Fadhel with his Winning Hearts award

Fadhel comes to the rescue!

The BMMI Tower recently underwent a traumatic experience when the water pump burst, leaving the employees waterless for a whole day!

Not being able to use the bathroom, or even wash their hands proved to be difficult, but Fadhel Abdulla, Maintenance Supervisor, came to the rescue and took it upon himself to get the job done before the next working day started!

Fadhel quickly found a new pump to replace the existing one and ensured there was a back up plan, with two pumps put in place, in case this were to happen again.

Fadhel’s hard work did not go unnoticed and PA to Chief Financial Officer, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk Management Officer, Hanadi Al Saleh awarded him with a Winning Hearts for his excellence.

“Fadhel had done a great job by solving the water issue in the BMMI Tower,” said. “He monitored the situation throughout the day and put a new water pump in place. He also made sure that all the tanks on the roof were installed correctly using a full system, which contains a spare pump as a back up. We all appreciate his fast action and he did an excellent job!”

Fadhel stayed after hours to ensure the job was done correctly and that there was plenty of water the next day! Thank you Fadhel and we really appreciate all your help.