Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher heats up the island!

The heated competition for the title of the Red Bull BC One Bahrain Cypher ended with an epic showdown between defending champion B-Boy Twist and Boy Huey Flava, who was able to snatch the title away and be declared the new champion!

Taking place on May 1, sixteen B-Boys from Bahrain showed off their best moves for the competition’s three judges. Both finalists remained consistently impressive throughout the competition, even when facing off each other after surviving three exhausting rounds each.

The anticipation in the air was palpable as B-Boy Twist, known for his funky style, threw down his best moves of the night, against B-Boy Huey, who is known to be one of the most experienced B-Boys on the island.

Boy Huey Flava’s impeccable technique won the judges over and he was able to take on the top spot this year! “The level displayed by B-Boy Huey was very impressive. He has the possibility of going very far,” said one of the cypher’s judges, B-Boy Keyz.

Congratulations to Boy Huey Flava!