The importance of inclusivity in our work culture’s DNA by Gordon Boyle

Inclusivity, as part of our approach to doing business, is nothing more than solid common sense. Excluding available talent due to out-of-date thinking, based on bias or discrimination of any sort, is just not smart. Today, talented people are in short supply and the best talent around, especially younger individuals, will not work for companies that have not embedded inclusivity as part of its DNA.

Many years ago, I was privileged to work with a truly wonderful lady called Maureen, who unfortunately suffered from multiple sclerosis. Maureen would arrive at the office in a taxi and our receptionist would call me to let me know she had arrived. I would help Maureen get into her wheelchair, then take her to her office next to mine and make sure she was settled in for the day ahead. Maureen had an office adapted for her needs, including a special keyboard for her computer, a special telephone and other equipment. If Maureen needed to go to the ladies room, our accountant, Margo was on hand to help her.

During the time I worked alongside Maureen I found her, to not only to be a great worker who was totally reliable, but also someone who offered more to the rest of the team than any of us could contribute. Her positive spirit was infectious and as a result, the whole team benefited from working with Maureen. Regular visitors also loved to deal with Maureen and she was a true larger than life character.

In summary, the business was so much richer because of Maureen and today, decades later, I am still inspired by her and her approach to life. This is the kind of inclusive culture we are working on fostering at BMMI and I hope that we can all inspire and learn from one another, regardless of our abilities, backgrounds, gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, pregnancy, background or medical condition.

Best regards,

Gordon Boyle
President & CEO, BMMI