“At Alosra, I truly feel like anything is possible!”

A testimonial by Noora Salman Bujlaia, Store Manger for Alosra Riffa & Alosra Durrat Al Bahrain

Alosra’s working culture is quick to recognise hard work and competence, as Bahraini Noora Salman Bujlaia learned when she was promoted from Assistant Buyer to Store Manager, in charge of a 30-strong team. Noora is not only Alosra’s first female Store Manager; she’s also the first to be promoted from a back office function.

“This post gave me a lot of confidence. It made me feel like anything is possible!”

Joining as an Admin Clerk, Noora immediately enjoyed the lively and multicultural environment. Noora is thankful the Management team had faith in her and provided her with the opportunity to grow and develop.

“Although I didn’t have experience in operations, I’m glad they saw something in me that made them feel I was up to the responsibility,” said the mother of two.