Believe it. Live it! – Protecting your IT systems in a time of threat by Aiman Alorayedh

In today’s world, we are seeing a significant shift in technology, where much of our daily activities, whether for business or personal purposes, depend on it explicitly. Over the past few years, as our lives became more digital and technologically driven, the world has witnessed a number of significant data breaches across different sectors, industries, startup businesses and even governments. These breaches had a major impact on business owners, employees, customers and many other consumers around us.

This year seems to bring more of the same, but with further focus on the general population as well, putting them at risk, and in some cases even endangering their lives. This year, data breaches evolved to threaten the airplane traveler mid-air and the driver on the highway next to you, putting his life and those around him at risk, as well as threatening the security of the financial information from your friend’s PlayStation network. The threat of data breaches is real and prevalent around us, sometimes with major consequences.

In a world of viruses, malware, and hackers, information security is a big deal. One single method of IT security cannot ensure protection by itself, but user awareness and cooperation at the workplace, and at home, can help bring about that change.

Click here to take a look at the infographic I created to see how BMMI’s IT department is attempting to deal with modern threats, and how this can benefit other companies as well.


Aiman Alorayedh

IT Manager