Our women in the spotlight

March 8th was International Women’s Day and this year’s theme, ‘Pledge for Parity’ is loud and clear. BMMI has stepped up when it comes to ensuring gender equality aligns with our efforts in leveraging our diversity and celebrating the substantial accomplishments of women across our Group.

The business of inclusion is obviously high up on our agenda and we will continue to do our part when it comes to accelerating the movement. Embracing gender equality is indeed a powerful tool to ensure sustaining success through a healthy organisational structure.

We are very proud to have women on board who took matters in their own hands and defined success on their own terms. It’s only right to shed light on the accomplishments and stories of these inspirational female figures across the Group:

Catherine Sowu
HR Manager GSS Ghana
Joined May 2014

Tanweer Rahimun
Performance Management & Employee Relations Manager
Joined May 1997

Yasmin Elisabeth Hussain
AVP Corporate Communications & CSR
Joined October 2005

Shilpa Ajit
Executive Assistant to the CEO & Information Analyst
Joined August 2005

Sarah Al Sairafi
Talent Manager
Joined April 2010