“An experience I will never forget!”

In early February of this year, an eager Kanishka Bhatia, an International Business student at Royal University for Women, approached the Corporate Communications & CSR department for an opportunity to be part of the team and receive real-life work experience with an internship. Wanting to be the bridge between her classroom and the professional world, the team were more than happy to accept Kanishka as part of the team for two months.

Upon completing her time with us, Kanishka shared what she had learned and what she can take away from working at BMMI. Below, you can read her story:

So, for the past two months I have been working for BMMI, in the Corporate Communications & CSR department. When I initially joined BMMI, I was very excited, yet anxious at the same time. I wasn’t completely aware of what I would be doing here or what the team took care of. I assumed the department just wrote articles and created other content needed, however I was wrong…I now know it is much more than that! The team are passionate and they care, about everything they do. They prepare everything in-house, starting from articles in their newsletters, designing material, filming and much more. This was only what I had seen in the first couple of weeks. It was apparent from the get-go that every single person on the team truly puts all their effort and hard work into everything they do.

During my time here, I became familiar with the professional world and how things are done…after all, this was my first job. I researched current trends and topics, brainstormed and created newsletter content, copyedited and proofread communications, and the best of all, I created content for social media posts. What really amazed me is the creative thinking and mindset the team had, which truly influenced me the most. I even ended up signing up to designing classes, which I attended after work.

Apart from that, what I loved and will truly miss most about BMMI are the people and the culture of the company. The people are very friendly, welcoming and polite. All I can say about is that it’s like a culture where everyone loves to work, and they all work with each other, like a family. It isn’t your typical traditionalist mindset where the work environment is rigid. It’s been something I was really fascinated by, since the day I joined. For example, the team has declared Sundays ‘Starbucks Sunday’ where they take turns to get everyone coffee, and every Thursday the HR team invited me to join them for breakfast.

They made me feel welcomed and it was something I will always cherish. It’s the little things like this that really do build a different environment in the workplace. I really hope I get to witness this kind of culture in my future job.

Lastly, I’m really happy I got the opportunity to experience and work at BMMI. It’s just a small part of what made my experience so special, from everyone I met to everything I worked on. I especially will miss the team who were very helpful and supportive. It’s really an experience I will never forget!