Water conservation awareness presentation

“Water is the driving force of all nature.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Water is not just any resource, it’s the foundation for maintaining all life on earth. We all share responsibility when it comes to helping ensure a healthier, more secure and sustainable water supply for our future generations. Our environment, economy and communities at large depend on this and there is no denying that we live amidst an alarming water scarcity crisis.

Under the slogan ‘Save to Sustain’, BMMI hosted representatives from the Water Directorate for a presentation about water conservation in Bahrain. The presentation, delivered by the Chief of the Water Conservation Section, Engineer Abdulamir Al Mutawa, was informative and well received by employees.

“Conservation is simply civilized behaviour. Rapid development and growth of populations continue to further strain our water resources. Imagine a day without water and imagine the amounts of water wasted daily…water is life and conservation is the future, save it for you and for  future generations,” he said.

Additionally, during the talk, issues of water management practices  were discussed, as well as how conservation involves legislative, technical and awareness implications. Simple steps like installing water saving devices can save 30%-40% of water periodically; while enacting legislations and laws to regulate water consumption and conservation are crucial.

BMMI is currently following up on its premises that have been screened for water usage and is providing appropriate solutions to reduce consumption, including repairing water leaks, which is a critical first step. We will continue to monitor water consumption in order to achieve impactful reduction in water usage and waste. As part of our sustainability policy, Nourishing Life, we are committed to ensuring that we continue working towards fulfilling our policy’s pillar of Zero Waste.