An Alosra first just got better!

Alosra is no stranger to being a trailblazer when it comes to innovative solutions to cater to customer needs. Perhaps a great example of this is the supermarket’s launch of its online shopping website in 2012, the first of its kind in Bahrain.

Another great thing about Alosra? It never stops improving on itself and finding the best way to deliver on its promise of a personal shopping experience that is premium, every day.

That’s why Alosra is extremely excited to unveil its rebranded, redesigned and improved! The website’s new look is sleek and premium, from pixel to pixel. Beautiful images that will inspire your cuisine and lifestyle welcome you the moment you visit the site. Neat, colourful, user-friendly and in every way Alosra, the re-designed website was created with customers in mind. is not just a pretty face, however. The update features even more listings than before, ensuring your every need can be dealt with in a couple of clicks. Alosra prides itself on not only being your retailer, but also your lifestyle partner, and the website is a true reflection of that. The new recipe section was created with customers’ delight in mind, providing delicious recipes created exclusively for Alosra customers by the renowned Chef Susy, for example.

Alosra also understands that a lot of us lead busy lives, and convenience is a top priority. That is why Alosra offers same day deliveries 7 days a week. They continue to find new ways to ease shopping for customers, and have now begun in-store pickups at Alosra Saar in Najibi Center. Hoping that with this trend picks up, the fresh and friendly supermarket will eventually phase this service out to all Alosra stores. If you are in a hurry and have to order the staples quickly, Alosraonline has you sorted. With a simple click of a button, you can reorder your previous shopping list. Stress free, worry free, and completely convenient. And finally, Alosra understands that customers are becoming more price conscious, so to give back every customer who registers online is rewarded with Alosra’s privilege discount at checkout.

Check out the new website today and make sure to leave your feedback here! After all, was created with you in mind, and it’s truly your opinion that makes all the difference.