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The food waste phenomenon

If you’ve been reading our CSR dedicated articles in Missing Links, you would know that we take waste very seriously. We’re not just talking about traditional waste - although it’s the main topic of this conversation. We also view waste differently - wasted talent, wasted opportunities, wasted time, and wasted potential. Food waste is especially […]

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Reem Al Tajer

A strategic approach to CSR – an interview with Reem Al Tajer, CSR Partner

BMMI has always been committed to being a responsible corporate citizen that supports its people, and the economic development and social wellbeing of the countries where it operates. Over the past few years, the Group’s CSR initiatives were aligned into a more strategic approach to ensure sustainable positive impact on how the organisation conducts business […]

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Robert Smith

Leading teams across countries of operation in today’s diversified world – an interview with Robert Smith, COO – Contracting and Logistics

Overseeing our international operations and various diverse teams and services across BMMI, Robert Smith, Chief Operating Officer – Logistics and Supply Chain, has experienced how the organisation and its people have grown and evolved over the years. The Corporate Communications and Marketing team recently sat down with Robert to learn more about BMMI’s diverse services […]

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