The wins keep coming!

Employees across the Group keep showing us how committed they are to our Winning Hearts culture by living our values every single day!Congrats to all awardees and keep up the hard work!

Head of Legal Affairs, Jad Moukheiber, recognised Mohammed Al Ameer, from IT, and Zaina Al-Alaiwat, from Legal Affairs, with Winning Hearts awards for their hard work and team spirit in ensuring the Group’s successful preparation for Bahrain’s Personal Data Protection Law. Mohamed Algarf, from the Corporate Communications and CSR team, was also recognised for his support of HR in the PDPL project by Senior HR Manager – GCC, Marwa Rasti. (PS: don’t miss out on reading more about the law and our framework and policies in this issue!)


Jad also recognised his team members, Ahmed Hammad, Jaffar Al Askari and Ammar Mohammed, with Winning Moments awards for their hard work, team spirit and can-do attitude.

Aiman Alorayedh, Head of Information Technology, and Sarah Al Sairafi, Talent Manager, recently recognised Jawaher Alwardi from Finance, and Fatima Abbas from HR, with Winning Moments awards for helping them expedite a time-sensitive and important request. Furthermore, Aiman also presented Anagha Ajay with a Winning Moments card to recognise her exceptional performance.

Alosra supermarket’s Product Development Manager, Sara Babar, recently presented Mohammed Sowaileh, Event Coordinator, with a Winning Moments for his help in ensuring a number of events were a major success!

Danya Alalaiwat from our Alosra team, and Mohamed Algarf, were recently presented with Winning Hearts awards from Deputy CEO and CFO, Ammar Alhassan, and Corporate Communications and CSR Manager, May Al Mousawi, in recognition of their efforts to help resolve a sensitive and urgent task.

Additionally, Naveen Khatri, Operations Manager, presented Fadhel Alsari with a Winning Moments award for going the extra mile to lend a helping hand to his colleague in a difficult situation, displaying his commitment to our value of Team Spirit!