Vimal reflects on thirty years

Vimal reflects on thirty years

Vimal A.T., who joined BMMI in 1989 as one of the first ever vans salesmen in our Consumer division, recently bid the company farewell. Vimal witnessed BMMI’s growth first-hand, his career progressing to being one of the division’s supervisors, and before he left, he shared a few thoughts about his journey.

“It has been such a wonderful journey for me working for BMMI and I am very proud of my history here. It was amazing to work in one of the leading and growing organisations in Bahrain and I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with such a great group of people who I see as family. My learning and growth during this period was immense.

I truly believe there is no team as hardworking as BMMI’s and I cannot express how true this is in words as well as the extent of their character. They are truly a wonderful and extraordinary team. Throughout the organisation you see very efficient people across all divisions and levels. They are the biggest asset of our great organisation. What I witnessed through the years is that my colleagues, from all levels, are doing their maximum to contribute. Of course, we all have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it’s team work and it’s a collective responsibility that takes us to this higher level and gets us effective results.

Our focus on customers is one of the reasons we have had this success – we see them as number one. We have always devised a journey plan for our customers, and we keep our objectives in mind with each visit. They are giving us an opportunity to provide them with a service and we need to satisfy their needs. What I respect about BMMI is we do this within the limit of our culture, code, policies and framework. No matter what, we follow our ethical standards and best practice, and do our best within that to keep our customers happy at all times. We are always proactive, and we reach out to them before they have to pick up the phone to tell us they need something.

BMMI’s quality talents are the best at tackling customers’ needs to get these effective results. Our customers now expect this outstanding service because we are the brand leaders in the market for decades. It makes us the preferred supplier by our valued customers and as such also makes us a preferred employer. Our commitment also comes through to our principals who truly respect us as the preferred distributor for their products in Bahrain. Our values and corporate culture really strengthen our standing in the market and our reputation in the community.

As I bid farewell to all of you, I just want to say that BMMI is a great company and the people who are working here are its biggest asset. Never forget that our customer satisfaction is crucial. We need to do our best to satisfy their needs and it we have a responsibility to meet their expectations. Regardless of your position, keep up your good work and the results will come, not only for the company, but for your professional growth as well. I started as a van’s salesman and I am retiring as a supervisor. No matter where you are currently, your growth will depend on how much quality you put into your work and your professionalism. It’s been my experience that BMMI recognises hard work, dedication and talent. Bear that in mind and keep doing your best.

Finally, I worked under many, many managers in BMMI and I am very thankful to them for giving me an opportunity to work for the organisation and prove myself for thirty years. The experience which I got here has been immense and I will never forget my career here. In short, BMMI is constantly renewing itself and adapting to change. It’s an organisation that wants to always be fit for the future. I cannot wait to see the new heights it will reach.

Thank you all for being a part of my work family for the last three decades and I wish you all the best of luck!

Best regards,