ALOSRA’S SUPERVALU RANGE – A CELEBRATION OF TWO CULTURES Alosra Supermarket launched its SuperValu week on the 24th of October to celebrate its commercial deal with Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale company, Musgrave. SuperValu is part of the Musgrave Group, Ireland's largest grocery and food distributor. With 220 stores throughout Ireland, SuperValu has served the people of Ireland for over 30 years and has become a well-established landmark across Irish communities. Its stellar reputation has been earned through its fresh food quality, strong value offering, consistent support of local producers, expertise and excellent customer service. “Here at Alosra, we are delighted to have formed a partnership with Musgrave. Ireland has a reputation for producing food of excellent quality and our customers are very excited to see Musgrave’s ranges at reasonable prices in our stores,” said Jaffar Alasfoor, General Manager of Alosra Supermarket. On the 21st of November Ireland’s Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Mr Pat Breen, visited the supermarket and was shown the various highlights of the Supervalu range, as well as some of Alosra’s own local fresh food offering. The strategic partnership between Alosra Supermarket and Musgrave is one that also celebrates the coming together of two cultures. Through Musgrave, Alosra has provided customers a great opportunity for a taste of Ireland to come to Bahrain. Alosra is the go-to destination for receiving the best quality products, on both an international and local scale. Alosra’s Think Local initiative was launched in 2011 with a determination to source more fresh, healthy produce locally, support Bahraini farmers, help the environment and provide better value for customers. Alosra believes that investing in people and local communities is not just a corporate responsibility, it’s simply the right thing to do. Since then the Think Local programme has expanded its operation to support local businesses and talent across many different fields. One way in which it does this is through taking care of all branding and marketing collateral for them and providing them with free shelf space in stores. Similarly, SuperValu’s Food Academy aims to do the same. Food Academy works with and nurtures small businesses through their journey from start up to getting their products on our shelves. There are currently over 300 Food Academy small producers in SuperValu stores. The partnership with Musgrave will provide Alosra the opportunity to learn from and adopt some of SuperValu’s practices in relations to the Food Academy and further grow its Think Local Programme to cover an even wider range of local talent. The SuperValu product range can is available for purchase across all seven Alosra stores in the Kingdom of Bahrain.