Board Of Directors

“By reviewing our strategy and priorities, we aim to achieve the expected results through a healthy mix of long and short-term strategic goals, opportunities and investments, whilst keeping our focus on diversification, constant risk monitoring and mitigation.  ” Mr. Abdulla Hassan Buhindi Chairman
Abdulla Bu Hindi
  • Abdulla Buhindi Abdulla Hassan Buhindi Chairman
  • Shawki Fakhroo Shawki Ali Fakhroo Vice Chairman
  • Jehad Ameen Jehad Yousif Ameen Director
  • Mohammed Almoayed Mohammed Farouq Almoayyed Director
  • Suhail Hajee Suhail Hajee Director
  • Ahmed Yateem Ahmed Mohammed Yateem Director
  • Ahmed Al Saad Ahmed Ebrahim Al Saad Director
  • Abbas Radhi Abbas Radhi Director

Remuneration & Nomination Committee

  • Abdulla Hassan Buhindi Chairman
  • Shawki Ali Fakhroo Vice Chairman
  • Jehad Yousif Ameen
  • Suhail Hajee

Executive Committee

  • Shawki Ali Fakhroo Chairman
  • Jehad Yousif Ameen Vice-Chairman
  • Mohammed Farouq Almoayyed

Audit Committee

  • Abbas Radhi Chairman
  • Ahmed Ebrahim Al Saad

Investment Committee

  • Jehad Yousif Ameen Chairman
  • Shawki Ali Fakhroo
  • Abdulla Hassan Buhindi
  • Ahmed Mohammed Yateem
  • Suhail Hajee