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Group History

Group History

Making a difference since 1883

BMMI's roots go back to 1883 when Gray Paul, a British-owned merchant company operating in the Arabian Gulf, established a local branch in Bahrain. Following a merger in 1936, the company was renamed Gray MacKenzie, and in 1955 became part of the Inchcape Group.

In 1980, the Group formed a joint venture with local shareholders to form Bahrain Maritime & Mercantile International (BMMI). The new company was later listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange. When Inchcape divested its shareholding in 1999, BMMI became a wholly Bahrain-owned public shareholding company (closed). In 2003, the Group widened its shareholding base, with shares becoming available to investors across the GCC.

In recognition of the size, strength, and diversity of the entire Group, in 2010 the company legally changed its name from Bahrain Maritime and Mercantile International to just the acronym BMMI.

Today, the BMMI Group is an international provider of holistic end-to-end supply chain solutions, integrated facility management, shipping, logistics and procurement services, with a varying range of clients, from governments to organisations. The Group represents a dynamic portfolio of global household brands and is a leader in the wholesale, distribution, retail and production of food and beverages. BMMI’s world-class integrated logistics and supply chain capability, its robust and professional support infrastructure, and its global standards allow it to continue winning the hearts and minds of its customers and clients across a broad network of countries in the GCC and East Africa.

Through the Group’s Alosra Supermarket, BMMI has been serving Bahrain as a lifestyle partner since 1987, with a focus on offering a unique customer journey, the best local and international products, and prioritising the community. Alosra’s Think Local programme has been supporting local farmers and producers since 2011, helping highlight the diversity of products Bahrain has to offer.

The Group’s business philosophy embraces a commitment to ‘making a difference’ in everything it does. From developing its people, serving its customers, and sustainably contributing to the communities in which it operates, BMMI strives to win hearts and minds every day.

In 2022, the organisation marks 139 years of uninterrupted activities. Over the years, BMMI has continued to demonstrate its resilience, strength, success, and ambition, mirroring the development of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The BMMI Group hopes to continue making a difference to the community, as well as winning the hearts and minds of its customers and clients by continuing to offer a range of diversified and exceptional services in the years to come. The BMMI team also looks forward to further creating sustainable positive impact as part of Bahrain’s thriving business community.