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Representatives from the Alosra and BMMI team and the Supreme Council for the Environment

How we make a difference

Corporate social responsibility has been ingrained in BMMI’s DNA since the very beginning. Backed by Senior Leadership and the Board of Directors, CSR at BMMI has evolved into a very natural way of doing things over the years. In 2011, the Group’s commitment to sustainability evolved into a more strategic approach, with a simple mission […]

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Narjes Haider, Alosra supermarket's Digital Marketing Executive

Bringing the Alosra customer experience online – an interview with Narjes Haider, Alosra’s Digital Marketing Executive

Alosra’s Digital Marketing Executive, Narjes Haider, is the voice behind the supermarket’s digital presence. Since joining the team in March 2017, Narjes has been working hard to make sure that the personalised shopping experience that Alosra is known for is reflected online for customers. We recently sat down with her to learn more about her […]

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Our EFTS trainees graduate from their Alosra training programme!

Following a year of gaining sustainable skills and knowledge at the supermarket, our lovely EFTS programme trainees celebrated their achievements with a graduation ceremony on Thursday, March 1. If you stayed updated with our previous articles about the programme, you might remember that the EFTS is the first of its kind initiative to take place […]

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