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Robert Smith

Leading teams across countries of operation in today’s diversified world – an interview with Robert Smith, COO – Contracting and Logistics

Overseeing our international operations and various diverse teams and services across BMMI, Robert Smith, Chief Operating Officer – Logistics and Supply Chain, has experienced how the organisation and its people have grown and evolved over the years. The Corporate Communications and Marketing team recently sat down with Robert to learn more about BMMI’s diverse services […]

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GSS Bahrain Customer Service team awarded!

Last month, we shared with you what an amazing job the GSS Bahrain Customer Service team did when they mobilised an entire project in 18 days, without a glitch! The team’s amazing display of team spirit was recently recognised by much-deserved Winning Hearts awards! Charles Swamy, GSS Sales Manager, presented the awards to Rumesh, Dipesh, […]

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Yousif Salem visits Ghana

Following his successful visit to some of our African operations last year, Bahrain-based Yousif Salem, IT Network Administrator, recently flew down to GSS Ghana for another IT support visit! Last September and October, Yousif visited BMMI Djibouti and GSS Ghana for the first time. This time around, Yousif visited to support GSS Ghana’s move into […]

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Five things you didn’t know about GSS Bahrain

Blanket Purchase Agreement and supplying heavy equipment to military contractors Since 2010, BMMI has been associated with various military contractors in Bahrain. Being a regular supplier over the years, BMMI has proved to be one of the preferred vendors for Bahrain based operations, handling over 80% of certain contractors’ supplies, including, MRO (consumables) supplies, kitchen […]

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