Vision Mission and Values

Food Production Unit

BMMI’s state of the art FPU, located in Saar, prepares and delivers food across the Kingdom each day, following the highest and most rigorous hygiene and food safety standards from pre-preparation to final delivery.

Not only does the FPU operate in compliance with the ISO 22000 Food Safety certification and HACCP food hygiene standards, but it also employs a dedicated food specialist to ensure superior standards and to keep-up-to-date on the latest food trends, as well as to ensure our product offering is innovative and delicious.

The FPU specialises in the production of ready-made foods, including sandwiches, packaged fruits, baked goods, sushi and sashimi, fully cooked meals and European, Arabic and fusion style salads. With 35 employees and approximately USD $50,000 in weekly sales, the FPU provides high quality, affordable, and delicious food products to deli‐style coffee shops, supermarkets, schools, and offices throughout the Bahrain, and produces over 4,500 meals / items per day.