Global sourcing and supply

BMMI leverages its presence in key producing markets alongside its international procurement, supply chain and risk management expertise to do business with the world.

BMMI distributes both raw material and finished goods to a diverse range of clients in various sectors related to food, agro-industry, organic products and more.

A wide range of organic and conventional products are picked from the ideal origins, with a focus on quality and adherence to international standards.

Vertical integration: from farm-gate to consumer

Through the direct management of process steps and reducing supply associated risks to major manufacturers, BMMI manages the value chain from farm-gate to consumers.

In this way, BMMI generates long-term trust with manufacturers, farmers, process owners, and logistics and shipping entities all the way through to end customers.

A model of vertical integration across the value chain allows us to source efficiently from manufacturing sources and farm gates. This ensures all-year-round supply through strategic stocking in off-seasons, followed by cleaning, grading, transporting, shipping, and managing risks.

A commitment to sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices

Throughout the process, BMMI, along with its partners, are committed to provide fairness to farmers.

With everything it does, BMMI is committed to sustainable and socially responsible leadership with full supply chain traceability, working with leading certification standards.

BMMI understands its customer requirements and, accordingly, provides assurance for traceability, sustainability, and ethical practices by managing the end-to-end value chain.

BMMI’s value addition services also include:

  • Washing, cleaning, sorting and grading
  • Drying, milling and packaging
  • Cold storage, transportation and shipping