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Good morning from the BMMI family!

BMMI to be the first business host for new Employment Facilitation Training Service (EFTS) program for individuals with disabilities. BMMI has been supporting Alia for Early Intervention since its inception in 2004. As a result of the longstanding and strong working relationship, BMMI has been the first to be approached to back this national program. In the past, BMMI has supported differently abled students from Alia for Early Intervention to receive real work experience on the Alosra shop floor through the school’s internship program.

Former BMMI President & CEO, Gordon Boyle, discusses the importance of corporate culture:

Our COO & EVP, Robert Smith, discusses what’s critical when entering a new market, such as the importance of networking & focusing on learning the culture:

Our VP of Food Retailing & Production discusses his 19-year career trajectory & experience at BMMI, providing tips for individuals looking to develop their careers:

Talent Manager, Sarah Al Sairafi, discusses the importance of a holistic approach to learning & development in BMMI's culture, with support starting from our Senior Leadership Group:

Learning & Development Manager, Mahdi Jawad, discusses how the team’s role is to support the organisation to deliver its promises by helping nurture its most important asset: its people.

HR Operations Manager for GCC, Marwa Rasti, discusses how BMMI strives to attract & retain high-potential talent, in order to continue being an employer of choice:

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) Manager for Global Sourcing & Supply (GSS), Girish Rajnathsing, discusses his experiences at BMMI & how he has gained the opportunity to give back to the company by mentoring & training others:

Former BMMI President & CEO, Gordon Boyle, discusses intercultural diversity and its importance at BMMI:

Ali Ghurbal discussing the aims & activities of BMMI Bahrain’s Sports & Social Committee, which works towards promoting employee well-being:

VP of Information Technology, Aiman Alorayedh, discussing misconceptions about IT's role in today's business world, as well as IT management at BMMI:

Hasan Al Sharaf, VP of Finance, discussing BMMI’s implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework:

A video recap of BMMI’s 4th Annual Quality Month in 2015, which included various talks, workshops, committee meetings, customer-focused events & lots of fun!: