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Alosra supermarket distributes Ramadan food hampers to families in need

As part of Alosra supermarket’s commitment to contribute to the communities in which it operates, it donated and distributed 1,742 food hampers to disadvantaged families across Bahrain, in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan Food Hampers Drive is an annual charitable initiative which aims to distribute food staples that are essential to wellbeing and provided to those that need them the most.

The Alosra supermarket team worked together with the four governorates and local charities to distribute the hampers, which included non-perishable items such as cooking oil, rice flour, kebab flour, harees, sugar, salt, vermicelli, oats, rice, pasta, dumpling mix and more. The food hampers were distributed by both the Alosra team and various charities in order to reach a wide range of families in the kingdom’s four governorates.

“Alosra continues to stand firm in its commitment to supporting the local community through various outreach programmes,” said Alosra’s General Manager, Jaffar Al Asfoor. “The Ramadan Food Hamper Drive is one of our longstanding initiatives that allows us to support families during a time of year focused on giving back. I am grateful for our team’s continuing support to making a difference, as well as for the local charities and organisations that assist us in widening our reach. I am also very thankful for the constant direction and guidance of BMMI’s Board of Directors that allows us to continue making meaningful impact on our communities,” he added.