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Alosra Supermarket Donates BD 5,000 Worth of Food Parcels to the Palm Association

Alosra Supermarket, the fresh and friendly subsidiary of BMMI, has pledged BD 5,000 worth of food parcels to the Palm Association, to donate to needy families during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid.

In accordance with its commitment to the local community, Alosra’s donations will provide for parcels that include essential food items such as rice, cooking oil, pasta, milk powder, tomato paste, tea, beans, lentils, salt and sugar, as well as washing powder.

The Palm Association, a local charitable non-governmental organization, distributes approximately 155 food parcels a month to families in Bahrain. These families are identified, audited and supported until their situation improves. To date, over 8,000 parcels have been distributed and Alosra are proud to support the organization during this holy month.

Company employees took a hands-on approach to support the initiative, coming together to sort the products and pack the goods. “Alosra and BMMI have always believed in the importance of supporting our community through various means,” said BMMI Brand, Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Yasmin Elisabeth Hussain. “We will continue to look for ways to reflect, contribute and help support our community.”

Alosra’s on-going commitment to supporting local charities has not gone unnoticed. "The Palm Association is delighted that Alosra has once again donated so generously,” said Jennifer Downey Gill, Corporate Communications Officer for The Palm Association. “We know we can always count on Alosra and BMMI to reach out to the community. They have made many Bahraini families happy with their kind gifts during this holy time. We thank all their staff for their hard work and thoughtfulness."