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BMMI appoints 4spots as digital agency for Corporate Intranet Solutions

4spots has been appointed as the digital agency for the implementation of Intranet solutions for BMMI. Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, BMMI is a diversified retail & distribution and contract supply group with international operations spanning three continents.

Under the agreement 4spots will provide robust intranet solutions to integrate various BMMI offices and branches into one communication channel.

This appointment further strengthens 4spots' stand as a leading facilitator in connecting brands to both their internal and external target audiences. 4spots is today a leading digital agency within the MENA region facilitating brands in connecting to various stakeholders via digital channels such as websites, applications on mobile devices, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

“Due to the vast geographical spread of our operations, it is important that we have in place a comprehensive Intranet solution in order to foster meaningful two-way communication with our employees. In order to establish this, we wanted to partner with an agency that is not only technically sound but also has the experience to develop and launch corporate intranets for large organisations such as ours,” says said Laura Mejia, Quality Systems & Corporate Communications Manager at BMMI

Srusti Ranjan, co-founder of 4spots described the win as an important achievement, saying "We are very proud to have won the pitch and are excited to prove our capabilities again in implementing projects that enable organisations to bring back the focus to internal communication which is well served using digital media".

"Our key challenge is to create a corporate intranet that is not only friendly in terms of usability but also robust and scalable giving room to its natural evolution within the organisation and we are confident to live up to the standard we have set for ourselves in the past few years of our operation." says Paul Poulose, the Business Development Director at 4spots.