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BMMI Celebrates Quality Month – “Building and Sustaining a Culture of Quality”

BMMI celebrated its annual Quality Month throughout November, to help focus, reinforce and strengthen employee commitment to quality in the workplace.

Launched on November 6, with an Opening Ceremony at BMMI’s Head Office in Sitra, the month featured a number of activities, workshops and competitions, where employees learned all about the importance of quality at work and how integral it is to the success of the business.

With the slogan of “building and sustaining a culture of quality”, the month aimed to remind employees about the role quality plays on every level and aspect of the business. “At BMMI, quality is of utmost importance to us; this is why every year we dedicate an entire month to focus on raising quality awareness in the workplace,” said Suttish Boodoo, BMMI Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Manager.

“Now in its second year, the BMMI Quality Month is only getting bigger and better. This year we have even organized the first ever BMMI Quality Conference & Workshop which provides a forum for the business and employees to exchange experiences and views and to gain significant insights into how to accomplish best practice in quality with respect to our operations,” said Mr Boodoo

For the two-day conference, held at Hotel Diva in Juffair, BMMI partnered with industry experts from local businesses to share quality experiences, solutions and best practice. The conference’s robust agenda included topics such as the benefits and challenges of a quality management system, the cost of quality, root cause analysis and corrective action workshop, quality control tools, customer service excellence and building and sustaining a culture of quality.

The month’s various activities came to a close on November 28 at a ceremony in the BMMI Sitra Head Office. The event featured a look back at all the events that took place during the month. “BMMI’s Quality Month is a great opportunity for the IMS team to get our message out to as many employees as possible and make them realize that quality is everyone’s responsibility,” said Mr Boodoo. “We are confident that after the activities of the month, more employees will be aware of the importance of sustaining excellent levels of quality at all levels of our operations.