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BMMI Continues its Support of Bahrain Polytechnic Industry Projects

Alosra Supermarket, BMMI’s fresh and friendly subsidiary, has continued its support of local education by opening its doors to two more students from Bahrain Polytechnic to conduct their Industry Project.

The project aims to offer final-year degree students with work placements in order to gain practical experience within their relevant industry. Ameer Mahmood Abdulla Alzeera, 21, and Jawaher Mohamed Shakib, 22, were the latest students taking part in the initiative as part of their marketing programme, starting last September for a work placement lasting three months.

BMMI had previously welcomed two students last spring, as part of Bahrain Polytechnic’s first industry projects and the company was eager to offer the opportunity to more students.

“We are delighted that we are able to take part in the students’ education,” said Pavlos Manousos, Alosra’s Buying Manager. “At BMMI we really do understand the importance of real industry experience and the value of this for employability.”

Mr Alzeera and Ms Shakib were responsible for evaluating the company’s use of social media and identifying areas for improvements. They also helped create social media policy guidelines and a social media plan. Their research also identified online marketing tools that could be utilised by Alosra, keeping the company up to date with the latest social media technologies and new software programmes. This helped both students gain a first-hand outlook on how the careers they wish to pursue operate, which consequently gives them a competitive advantage when they are ready to join the workforce.

“We would like to thank Alosra for continuing to support our students on industry projects,” said Darren Morris, Bahrain Polytechnic’s Acting Program Manager of Marketing. “The social media project this semester was very exciting and provided Ameer and Jawaher with real industry experience that they learned a lot from. We were delighted with Alosra’s mentoring support and feedback.”

Alosra plans to continue taking more students under its wings as part of BMMI’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. “We are so thankful for the support and enthusiasm Alosra continuously provides in supporting our community initiatives,” said BMMI’s Brand, Communications and CSR Manager, Yasmin Hussain “This initiative provides great value to the employability of the youth of Bahrain and demonstrates Alosra walking the talk of being a responsible corporate citizen.”

The next batch of students to conduct their Industry Projects at Alosra are expected to join the company at the end of February to tackle yet another project.