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BMMI continues support of Alia for Early Intervention

In line with the Group’s ongoing commitment to supporting the social well-being of the local communities in which it operates, BMMI presented Alia for Early Intervention, a school for children with special needs, with a cheque for BD10,000.

In a gathering at the centre’s premises in Sitra, a cheque was handed to Haidy Haleem, Administrative & Educational Supervisor at Alia by Yasmin Hussain, Corporate Brand & Social Responsibility Executive at BMMI.

“The Alia team plays a crucial role of reaching out to young children with learning disabilities and enabling them to lead fulfilled lives, and BMMI is proud to support them in any way we can,” said Yasmin.

BMMI will also, for the second year, open its doors to four Alia students over the course of the next three months. As part of a special vocational initiative, these students will be given an opportunity to practice basic skills they have acquired at Alia, such as photocopying, filing, stocking shelves and labelling merchandise at the BMMI Head Office in Sitra and Alosra supermarket. They will also be able to hone their social skills, which is a vital aspect for their eventual reintegration into mainstream schools.

“It is amazing how intelligent and industrious these young minds are and we are glad to help them out, be it through financial aid or practical help,” added Yasmin. “Judging by the great feedback from employees last year, this initiative not only has a positive influence on the students but on employee morale as well.”

A total of 89 special needs children currently attend Alia and an average of three to five students graduate each year.

“We have 217 students on the waiting list to enrol at the institute as we do not have enough members of staff or space to accommodate them all. As it is, we are already maximizing our resources by holding morning and afternoon classes to ensure we take in as many students as possible,” commented Haidy.

“The management and staff at Alia greatly appreciate the commitment of BMMI to help us. They have been extremely supportive ever since the school opened its doors and we hope that they will continue to stand by us in the years to come.”