Press Releases

BMMI Expands in Africa

BMMI announced the expansion of their Contract Services and Supply business into Africa. This follows the official signing of a share purchase agreement with Compass Group Central Asia, Middle East and Africa (CAMEA), who specialise in the provision of integrated support services throughout the region.

This investment has seen BMMI expanding their business activities into a further four African countries - Mali, Gabon, Ghana and Sudan - with future plans to investigate several other neighbouring regions. BMMI currently have a logistics operation in Djibouti, East Africa, which services overseas military operations.

The new business venture branded Global Sourcing and Supply (GSS), is aimed at successfully providing a comprehensive range of contracted services, sourcing and supply options to commercial enterprises, governmental and NGO clients in both mature and developing markets. Operating in remote sites, defence and off-shore sectors, GSS supplies the range of services to industries as diverse as mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas.

Commenting on the deal, BMMI Chairman, Mr. Abdulla Buhindi said, “This agreement represents a major step forward in our strategy to forge new tactical alliances and business partnerships in order to expand the Group’s presence in the region and to widen the base of our core business activities.”

“GSS will enhance shareholders’ value with a potentially superior long-term return on their investment in a regional rather than a national-based company,” added Mr. Buhindi. “It will enable the Group to take advantage of new investment opportunities in regional markets, and provide a sound base for future growth.”

According to BMMI Chief Operating Officer, Robert Smith, “this latest development underlines the objective of BMMI to enter new areas where we can tap into our core business competencies and add value. GSS will widen the spread of BMMI’s contract services and supply business, and open up further new market opportunities across the region.”

“BMMI is committed to continuously expand and enhance its provision of leading-edge logistics, supply chain, warehousing and camp services in the Middle East and Africa. We have now formed several alliances and teaming arrangements with specialist companies to enable us to provide turnkey solutions that are both time sensitive and professionally project managed,” he added.