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BMMI extends medical insurance to cover all Bahrain based employees

BMMI has extended its medical insurance scheme to include all of its Bahrain based employees, helping to ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of the Group’s team.

The new medical insurance scheme is being provided through BNI and will cover a total of 404 employees in Grades One to Three, as previous medical insurance only covered employees in Grade Four or up.

The request for medical insurance for all staff was the one made most frequently in the Group’s Employee Opinion Surveys over the past two years. By implementing the scheme, BMMI’s management hope to provide a great boost to employee morale and productivity.

“BMMI has always prioritised the wellbeing of its employees and we have been working really hard to provide this much needed benefit to all of our team,” said Mohammed Turaif, Human Resources Operations and Administration Manager. “Our Group believes that our people are at the core of our success and we strive to take every measure to help increase their satisfaction and to be one of the kingdom’s most people-focused employers.”

The move comes with the full support and backing of BMMI’s top management. Gordon Boyle, BMMI’s President and CEO, said, “At BMMI we truly believe in the importance of our people, it is thanks to them we are one of the leading companies in the kingdom. In our ongoing process to make BMMI the employer of choice, I am personally very pleased that we have been able to execute this initiative and provide medical insurance coverage to all employees that belong to our Bahrain-based family. The well-being of our employees is top priority and I am proud to be a part of a company that has worked hard to continuously support the health and safety of its team.”