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BMMI in the Pursuit of Excellence

BMMI has laid the ground to become the first company in its industry in Bahrain to implement an Integrated Management System (IMS) that incorporates all the common elements of four management standards under a framework that facilitates this integration. Under IMS, BMMI will integrate its management system for Quality (ISO 9001), Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Food Safety (ISO 22000), to create a holistic structure in which the processes, interfaces, structures and documentation of the individual systems are integrated into one standard management system.

“BMMI needs to have effective management systems in place not only to achieve our goals and objectives but also to satisfy the needs of all our stakeholders,” explains Laura Mejia, Quality Systems Manager at BMMI. “With IMS and its accompanying certifications, we can better position ourselves as the company of choice for partners, customers, suppliers and employees by demonstrating that BMMI is committed to excellence in the management of all aspects of quality, health & safety, environment and food safety.”

Each of the four management systems under IMS is of vital importance to BMMI. ISO 9001 provides the Group with systematic control of its activities and processes to ensure that customer expectations and requirements are consistently met, while OHSAS 18001 enables BMMI to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for employees and the surrounding community. Similarly, ISO 14001 will help the company reduce the environmental impact of its products and services and ISO 22000 will enable the consistent provision of products that are safe for consumption.

“While the group has already achieved certifications for its Quality and Health & Safety management systems, with the implementation of IMS, BMMI is making a public commitment to customers and communities to enhance the reach of its management systems to include Food Safety and Environment.”

To guide them through this project, BMMI has appointed the partnership OSHOEHA as the official consultants. “OSHO Centre is a reputed Bahraini company with vast experience in helping international organizations to implement and maintain quality, environmental, health and safety and food safety management systems to meet the requirements of international standards and best practices. We have no doubt that this alliance will be highly beneficial to BMMI.”

Mohamed Alawi, Operations Manager of OSHO Centre who is handling the project added, “BMMI is a global enterprise with international operations, and as such it needs to adapt to the requirements of overseas countries and governments. The company’s eagerness to acquire a full-scale Integrated Management System in all respective fields is proof its vision to grow from both an operational and market standpoint. We are confident that with IMS, there is a great potential for excellence at BMMI.”
As part of its business development plan for 2011, BMMI has also embarked on a series of Information Technology (IT) initiatives in order to increase the Group’s operational efficiencies.

“We are glad that BMMI has taken on board an IMS and we realize that IT will play a very important function in supporting with the automation of documents to create more streamlined processes. In order to facilitate this, we have begun a number of important IT updates such as an upgrade to Microsoft 2010, the purchase and implementation of Oracle iStore and lastly stepping up our IT operations in our African locations where, up until now, the division has faced a major challenge due to the lack of adequate IT infrastructure,” added Mike Kruger, IT Manager at BMMI.