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BMMI lends a helping paw

In a show of solidarity towards Bahrain’s four-legged residents, the Mars division of BMMI donated 228 cans of Pedigree Chum dog food and Whiskas cat food to the BSPCA sanctuary.

“The BSPCA does an amazing job at animal rescue, re-homing, and creating happy and complete families here in Bahrain and it was a great opportunity for BMMI to play a part in the effort,” said Bassam Saleh, Sales Manager for Mars. “We are aware of the important role that rescue shelters play in our community and will actively continue to support the Society in any way we can.”

Claire Cunningham, Acting Secretary at the BSPCA added, “We appreciate BMMI’s continued support of the BSPCA and its aims. As most people know, the Society receives no government funding and so any help from the commercial world is gratefully received. This generous donation means that the money we would have spent on purchasing pet food can now be put to good use elsewhere in the shelter which will greatly benefit the animals.”