Press Releases

BMMI Quality Month

Last month BMMI kicked off its annual Quality Month with an opening ceremony at its Head Office in Sitra. The event which took place from the 10th to 26th November aimed to promote awareness of quality and to instill the culture of quality at organization and departmental level to empower and increase awareness of BMMI employees and other stakeholders in quality related activities. Supported by a number of activities, seminars, and competitions, employees had the opportunity to learn all about the importance of quality at work and how important it is to ensure a successful and sustainable business.

“At BMMI, quality goes beyond our products. It is of utmost importance to us. This is why every year we dedicate an entire month to focus on raising quality awareness in the workplace,” explains Suttish Boodoo, BMMI Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Manager. “Now in its third year, the BMMI Quality Month celebration provided a suitable platform to acknowledge and recognise the valuable quality contributions of our employees and business partners.”

We had also partnered with Government and business leaders to organize the second BMMI Quality Conference which provided a meaningful dialogue around issues that influence the work of our organization and employees, and that have an impact on our physical environment. The Conference provided participants with a platform to exchange and share their expertise and knowledge on how to achieve sustainable excellence, the challenges as well as existing opportunities and new initiatives needed for successful transformation in BMMI.

There was also a one day team building exercise held at Al Bander resort which brought together teams from all the different business units and helped foster team spirit, commitment and collaboration.

In a global economy, where success depends on quality, innovation and sustainability, Quality Month at BMMI is a great and unique opportunity for the IMS team to reinforce these as the foundations of our organization and focus on the importance of Quality.