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BMMI to continue food service distribution to the U.S. Military Forces

BMMI, a renowned distributor of food and beverages and a growing international player in the provision of contract-based supply services for governmental, NGO, commercial and military organisations, has been awarded a new contract to support the U.S. military activities in the region.

The Troop Support Subsistence Section of the United States Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded BMMI a bridge contract to continue distributing food to its military forces under the Prime Vendor Program. BMMI has been operating a five-year contract since 2005 and the new one intends to act as a continuation of the services provided up to date.

“The Prime Vendor team is thrilled to have been given this opportunity. The confidence they have placed in us motivates the team to continue offering DSCP the superior levels of customer service that we have been providing them with since 2005”, said BMMI Brandon W. Smith, General Manager, Contract Services & Supply.