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BMMI Group and INJAZ Bahrain sign MoU

BMMI to sponsor INJAZ Bahrain students with full scholarships each year

A memorandum of understanding was signed on January 20, 2020, between the BMMI Group and INJAZ Bahrain, resulting in the company supporting INJAZ Bahrain students with full scholarships each year.

Mr. Marek Sheridan, CEO of BMMI, and Ms. Hana Sarwani, Executive Director of INJAZ Bahrain, signed the agreement at BMMI’s premises with several members in attendance including Ms. May Al Mousawi, Corporate Communications and CSR Manager at BMMI, and Ms. Esraa Janahi, Company Program Manager at INJAZ Bahrain.

In-line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 goals for continued economic development, this agreement will enable students to pursue their goals, prepare for a successful future and will empower Bahraini youth to succeed in the global economy.

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to support these talented students and to explore various ways we can help further their education and future careers,” said Mr. Marek Sheridan. “Supporting communities where we operate is of high priority to us at BMMI, especially when it comes to education which is one of our CSR policy’s focus areas.”

“We are proud to work jointly with BMMI to help our students achieve their goals,” said Ms. Hana Sarwani. “This comes as a token of recognition for the efforts made and the time dedicated by both our students and volunteers. We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Marek Sheridan and Ms. Reem AlTajer, BMMI’s CSR Partner, for both their continuous support and trust in our mission.”

BMMI believes that investing in people and local communities is of utmost importance. The Group is an active and involved partner, with a CSR strategy that supports various programmes that lead to meaningful contribution, development and advancement of the local community.

Since its inception, INJAZ Bahrain has spared no effort in launching and fostering initiatives that would enable students to learn new skills, acquire knowledge about the market and prepare for a successful future. With the support of its partners, staff and volunteers, INJAZ Bahrain has been able to reach more than 220,000 of students over the past 15 years.