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BMMI Volunteers Help Out at RIA

Volunteers from BMMI recently spent the morning painting the interiors of RIA, as the school for children with special needs undergoes a makeover in time for the start of term on September 19. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme led by Yasmin Hussain, Corporate Brand Executive, over the past two months BMMI employees have volunteered a few hours every Tuesday morning to help out at RIA.

“It’s great that BMMI encourages employees to do something meaningful within the community. Naturally all volunteer work is done during company hours which means employees do not have to take time away from their families in order to participate,” explains Yasmin.

“Interacting with the students is a great way to start the day. Whether it is shaking a leg with them at dance class or supervising as they splash about in the pool, it is an excellent opportunity for us to represent BMMI as a company that cares.”

BMMI has long been committed to enhancing the social well-being of the local communities where it operates and aligning its business goals with its impact on the environment. At BMMI, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than just a statutory requirement; it is a commitment to improving community wellbeing through the adoption of discretionary business practices and the contribution of corporate resources (monetary and non-monetary).

The core focus of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme remains centred around education. By helping to unlock the potential of young minds, BMMI empowers local youth to make a positive personal contribution to society.

Through its continued involvement with social and environmental causes, BMMI is dedicated to selecting, developing, implementing and evaluating long-term corporate social initiatives in all its areas of operations.