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BMMI works with NGOs in Bahrain to donate laptops to students in need

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Bahrain has particularly impacted the most vulnerable segments of the local community, and NGOs and corporations have been collaborating to offer various crucial solutions to those in need.

In support of the measures enforced to mitigate the spread of the virus, such as studying from home and social distancing, families in need have been facing the challenge of sustaining education through remote learning, particularly when it comes to the availability of necessary devices at home. In response, the Rotary Clubs in Bahrain and the Rotaract Club have launched an initiative to provide devices to enable disadvantaged students to successfully continue their education.

As part of the BMMI Group’s continuous CSR initiatives that aim to support the local community and further the development of students, the Group has collaborated with the NGOs to contribute new devices to help students continue their learning effectively. With the Rotary Clubs of Bahrain, and the Rotaract Club of Bahrain, managing this initiative, BMMI was keen to support its long-term NGO partners in this important cause. Through this collective effort, the initiative was able to reach more than 120  students so far and provide them with the needed devices.

The seamless continuation of education for students is a vital cause during the current situation, said the President of the Rotary Club of Adliya, Mr. Nijaad Atassi . “We hope to benefit the community in order to sustain the education progress and be a tool supporting the Kingdom of Bahrain in all its efforts to combat the adverse situations that the COVID 19 crisis is creating,” he said.

The BMMI Group has long been a supporter of causes and initiatives that further the development of the community, said BMMI CEO Mr Marek Sheridan. “We are grateful for the opportunity to support our community in this vitally important initiative,” he said. “The BMMI Group view education and development as important pillars of any community and therefore an area of focus for our CSR initiatives as we continue to seek out opportunities to make a positive impact on the local community.”