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Chef Susy Masetti & Alosra ‘think local’

When Alosra launched the Think Local initiative back in 2011, it aimed to showcase the best of Bahrain, and its newest endeavour is no exception! The fresh and friendly supermarket has teamed up with Chef Susy Masetti to create nine delicious recipes, using locally grown produce.

The special recipes, which include pan roasted hammour, veal ossobuco and sun-dried cherry tomatoes, can be found in Alosra branches throughout the Kingdom (Saar, Amwaj, Riffa Views, Juffair, Nakheel Centre and Durrat Al Bahrain). The recipes are fresh and innovative, using the finest ingredients Bahrain has to offer. The talented Susy delivers nothing short of deliciousness, whether it be a simple recipe for that freshly home-baked ciabatta or a full -out slow-stewed veal shank meal.

So, what exactly is the Think Local initiative? The idea behind the programme was to support local farmers and build up confidence in local produce. After all, buying local ensures that quality is not compromised. Nothing beats having fruits and vegetables that have just been handpicked from a farm delivered straight to your plate! Imported produce, on the other hand, tends to travel thousands of miles by air, risking losing its freshness in the process. Local produce is also known to be more nutritious, as produce in general tends to lose its nutrients once harvested.

By purchasing local produce, transportation and storage costs are drastically reduced, resulting in cheaper prices. In addition, the carbon footprint is minimised, as the transportation process requires significant energy resources that usually result in detrimental pollution.

The true essence of the programme, however, is to support local farmers. By buying local, you are investing in the community and ensuring the continuity of local farmers’ businesses.

“Buying local has a positive impact from all aspects, whether it is from a company, supplier or customer-orientated perception,” said Pavlos Babiolakis, Alosra Marketing & Product Development Manager. “The demand for local produce is increasing more every day. This is evident with the success Bahrain has seen with its eminent Farmers’ Market, in which hundreds of Bahrainis flock to buy the ripest and finest local produce,” he said.

“Alosra wants to ensure that such local support is available on a wider range and at all times through the Think Local initiative. One way this can be fulfilled is with the help of Susy Masetti, who has been very cooperative, as she herself understands the importance of having only the freshest and most nutritious ingredients,” Pavlos added. “We are hoping that with the support of the community, local farms will reach a point where they can provide customers with even greater options, reinforcing the need to source locally grown fruits and vegetables.”

So, head on down to an Alosra branch today and show your support by trying out these culinary masterpieces!