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GSS Hosts client appreciation gala in Khartoum

Global Sourcing and Supply Services Co. Ltd, a joint venture operation of Bahrain-based GSS and the Haggar Holding Company, hosted a reception at the Burj Al Fateh Hotel in Khartoum to promote the Company’s services and geographical presence in the region.

The prestigious event was attended by current and prospective clients and partners from the oil & gas and mining industry in Khartoum as well as senior government and UN officials.

“GSS Sudan has been dedicated to providing for the needs of its clients for over 20 years,” said Anis Haggar, Chairman of GSS Sudan and the Haggar Group. “Under the direction of GSS and the Haggar Group, the company has over the years broadened its range of services to include facility management and concession catering. The operation has also increased its territorial presence to include an office in South Sudan and a branch in Port Sudan which is due to open shortly.”

As a result of the recent referendum in Sudan, GSS was presented with the opportunity to expand and operate offices in both North and South Sudan. The company was also recently awarded with a two-year concession catering contract with the UN mission in Sudan for the establishment and management of Monsoon restaurant inside the UN compound in Khartoum.

“We are pleased to have the continuous support of our clients who have played a vital role in boosting our progress in Sudan,” added Gordon Boyle, Chief Executive of BMMI. “2011 will be an excellent year for GSS as we plan to work even closer with our clients to continue delivering quality of life where it’s needed most in the region and beyond.”

GSS currently operates in Mali, Ghana, Gabon, Sudan, Djibouti and is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.