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The EFTS trainees and their job coaches with members of the BMMI team

Second batch of trainees from the Employment Facilitation Training Service (EFTS) programme for differently abled individuals complete their rotation with BMMI

In 2017, BMMI was the first organisation approached to become a business partner for the launch of the Employment Facilitation Training Service Programme (EFTS), conducted in collaboration with the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioural and Communication Difficulties (BSCBCD).

Launched in April 2017, the EFTS was the first of its kind initiative to take place in the region, and saw 14 trainees who fall under the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) gain workplace training in BMMI’s Alosra supermarket. On October 1 of last year, the second edition of the programme was launched, with seven students joining the company’s Bahrain Logistics Services (BLS) for training, as well as our FMCG team.

Shaikha Rania Al Khalifa, Director of Alia for Early Intervention, which leads the EFTS programme, extended her appreciation to BMMI for continuing to be the business host for the trainees. “BMMI have set the bar high for partnership; they leaped at the opportunity to be our first business partner and now have again hosted our second batch of trainees. Their support continues to be truly unshakeable and we are grateful for their eagerness to support community initiatives,” she said.

From BMMI’s side, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing, Yasmine Mohamed, said, “we take inclusivity and diversity very seriously at BMMI. We are very proud of our partnership with the BSCBCD and proactively seek out opportunities to support them. We’re also extremely grateful to our BLS and FMCG teams for supporting this opportunity with zero hesitation. The trainees have gained multiple transferrable job skills over the past four months and we are so excited for them to continue their experience with their new business host,” she said.

General Manager of BMMI’s FMCG division, Christopher Charters was keen on providing the best possible experience for the trainees. “A sign of a great company is one that pays more than lip service to inclusivity across all spectrums of society – at BMMI we take this very seriously and I’m proud to be part of a company that gives back to the community it serves” he shared.

The EFTS programme is one of the many initiatives that BMMI is involved in as part of its commitment to the local community. BMMI has been a long-time supporter of championing causes and programmes that would benefit people throughout the Kingdom.