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Shaikha Hessa Girls’ School learn about healthy eating & ‘think local’ at Alosra

Recently students from the Shaikha Hessa Girls School visited Alosra Saar to learn about the benefits of eating healthy food. SHGS teacher, Shireen Shaji wanted to give her young learners a more hands on approach and found Alosra to be the ideal candidate.

Upon arrival, students were treated to a nice breakfast followed by a tour of Alosra’s various departments. Alosra’s “Think local” programme was also explained to help the students understand where some of the products come from, how they are processed and packaged to customers.

“Our Think Local programme has helped educate our customers—both big and small—about our local produce”, expressed Marketing Executive at Alosra, Pavlos Manousos. “With SHGS’s visit, we aimed at lending a hand to teach children about our food and where it comes from--not just locally but internationally as well.” Pavlos also wishes to continue pushing for educational programmes at Alosra. “Think Local is only the beginning and eventually we will begin formalizing our education programme to help future visitors and students to better their education from a more hands on approach.”

Our young learners left with plenty of knowledge and experience about healthy eating and ’Think Local’. Shireen hopes the school will continue with similar field trips in the future.