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Shopping just got fresher and friendlier on Amwaj

Residents of Amwaj can now enjoy unparalleled shopping at the recently-opened Alosra Supermarket.

Having already built a loyal customer following in the Amwaj community with a small convenience store, Alosra, the fresh and friendly subsidiary of BMMI, has invested in developing this state-of-the-art supermarket to cater to increasing resident demands.

“The initial outlet was set-up in 2008 as a convenience store to service the Amwaj community,” said Jaffar Al Asfoor, General Manager of Alosra. “Over the years as more housing projects have been completed, we have witnessed a significant increase in shoppers. This has resulted in the move to secure a larger location to accommodate the growing needs of our clientele.”

Strategically located at the entrance to Amwaj, the store boasts breathtaking sea views, ample parking spaces, and modern, spacious interiors. Well-stocked shelves, spacious aisles, fresh produce, and friendly staff all come together to present customers with a premium shopping experience. In addition, clearly labelled sections ensure that shoppers waste no time in locating what they need.

Customers are spoilt for choice with a wide selection of fresh produce, meat, fish and poultry, delicatessen, baked treats, and household goods. In addition, for those days when convenience is what you need, the store stocks a line of ready-to-eat salads, sandwiches and sushi from the BMMI Great brand of deli products. With an eclectic mix of local and global brands, Alosra ensures that a little taste of home is never too far away for its expat customers.

Completing the retail experience is a selection of complementary outlets and services, the most prominent amongst them being The Great Deli Café. The BMMI gourmet café dishes up a delectable array of hearty, home-style breakfasts, soups, salads, baguettes, cakes and fresh beverages – the perfect end, or beginning, to any grocery run. A virtual one-stop-shop, other facilities available to Alosra customers include a flower shop, laundry, pharmacy, bank, and a DVD store.

“With the opening of Alosra Amwaj, our aim is to enhance the way the Alosra brand looks, feels, and operates. We have created a contemporary store design based on global trends and customer preferences, sourced world-class equipment, and benchmarked our creative concept against internationally acclaimed supermarkets in Europe. We have gone to great lengths to ensure we provide our customers with a wholesome shopping experience. While this is our flagship store for innovation, going forward we intend to refine the look and feel of all our outlets.”

To further improve the Alosra offering, the supermarket chain will soon introduce a think local campaign through which it will source fresh produce from local farmers. The brand also continues to focus its efforts on providing opportunities for the local workforce by staffing a large number of Bahraini nationals.

“Our commitment to training and developing a competent local workforce is a campaign that will bear fruit in the years to come. Alosra is now in a position to go out into the market and offer Bahrainis an actual career in retail. Not only are we investing in the future of Bahrain, but also in the future of Alosra and that of the local youth,” added Jaffar.