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Alosra launches ‘Always With You’ campaign with brand manifesto video and 40,004 prizes for its shoppers!

Alosra supermarket officially launched its new marketing campaign ‘Always With You’ as a reflection of the retailer’s commitment to quality and exceptional customer experience. The launch event took place in Alosra Janabiya in El Mercado Mall on Tuesday, September 26, and featured a graduation ceremony for 11 trainees from the Down Syndrome Care Center that […]

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Alosra supermarket provides job training to eleven Down Syndrome Care Centre members

Alosra supermarket has collaborated with the Down Syndrome Care Centre to offer on-site job training to eleven of the centre’s members. The trainees started their work placement at Alosra on July 10, with the scope of work including placing products on shelves, restocking, labelling, packing, arranging FIFO and more. The training is part of the […]

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