Nourishing Life

Nourishing Life: BMMI’s corporate responsibility policy

For BMMI, social responsibility extends beyond compliance. It is not about mitigating harm, but rather adding real value to all who interact with our company.

Real value today is often reduced to profits, and while economic growth is a vital pillar to sustainability, BMMI seeks to be a company that enriches all who are associated with it—not just our shareholders.

We see ourselves as a company that nourishes the lives of our customers, our employees, our customers, the communities in which we operate and our planet. This is why we have launched our corporate responsibility policy: Nourishing Life, in 2015.

The purpose of our corporate responsibility policy is to communicate our desire and commitment to becoming a sustainable company, and not just a responsible company. We recognize that as with any worthy endeavor, sustainability at BMMI will be an on-going and continuously evolving journey. At its core, sustainability at BMMI is about enlightened capitalism that seeks to drive social and environmental development in addition to financial growth.

Nourishing Life’s vision:

BMMI nourishes its customers, employees, communities, the earth, and all stakeholders that interact with the company.

Nourishing Life’s guiding principles:

Our sustainability policy covers all the countries in which we operate across the Middle East and Africa. It is driven by numerous commitments, which is continuously reviewed and revised under three over-lapping themes: Truth, Care, and Wellbeing.

Not wasting precious NATURAL RESOURCES like water, raw materials, food, energy, and entire habitats and eco-systems. First and foremost, being true to OUR VALUES in all of our interactions with each other and our stakeholders. The physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of our EMPLOYEES, as well as their health and safety.
Not wasting TALENT or DREAMS. The talents and dreams of our employees, the talents and dreams of youth, or the talents and dreams of the communities and stakeholders with whom we interact. Being truthful and TRANSPARENT with our employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders about our products, activities, their impacts, and how we are working to improve. The wellbeing of HUMANS, including migrant workers, children, and the rights of all humans to a life of dignity.
Not wasting BUSINESS RESOURCES—our money, time and energy, by making our processes more efficient. Being truthful in the way we OPERATE: lawfully, ethically, with integrity, and without misrepresentation or corruption. The wellbeing of LOCAL COMMUNITIES. Their economic health, social and environmental health, and the physical health of individuals in those communities.
Not wasting OPPORTUNITIES. Equal opportunities for our employees to excel. Business opportunities that serve some of the most pressing societal needs—like food security and affordable and nutritious food. Opportunities for local communities. And for diverse suppliers. Being true to OURSELVES: the personal vision and potential we each hold. The wellbeing of our CUSTOMERS: food safety, providing healthy products, and educating our customers on the importance of proper diet and nutrition.
Being AUTHENTIC LEADERS, who are genuine and self-aware, who cultivate honest relationships, and make decisions on an ethical foundation, to lead with our hearts and minds. The wellbeing of our PLANET EARTH: enriching its biodiversity, replenishing natural resources, and working to raise the environmental standards of our products and services.