Think Local

Think Local

BMMI's Corporate Social Responsibility programme has been established for many years, but during 2011, it was significantly championed through a new initiative entitled 'Think Local'.

As our CSR programme focuses on people, community and environment, 'Think Local' conforms to all three areas. This initiative gives our people a sense of pride to be supporting the economy and investing in their countries. It helps our community by empowering local farmers and providing our customers with fresh, nutritious and quality produce. Last, but certainly not least, Think Local is environmentally sound, as it helps conserve the copious amounts of energy used for import of fresh produce to our various locations.

Think Local is not just a promotional concept. Instead, it represents a deep commitment to facilitate change and betterment at a local level, and it is not limited to agriculture. Thanks to a staff-driven initiative, GSS now supports an orphanage at Gomoa Buduatta in Ghana's central region with supplies of books, teaching aids, toys and clothing. Other initiatives across our network are coming to fruition and there will soon be a growing number of local support initiatives.

In Bahrain, where the Group has long supported the Regional Institute of Active Learning (RIA) and the Alia Centre for Early Intervention, and  wherethe deep-rooted culture of our organisation calls on our staff for active participation, Think Local has become a new driver; a brand representing change, thought and care. From an initial concept related to sourcing fresh and local produce in Bahrain, Think Local has rapidly gained stature to become an integral part of the BMMI Group's regional and global aspirations.